English Wine by Oz Clarke

English Wine by Oz Clarke

"We are committed to making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and support local economies, which is why we have decided to take our support of English and Welsh wine craftsmanship to the next level in 2021 by moving 20-25% of our yearly volume to English wine producers.”
- Frederic Brugues (sketch Wine Director)

To toast sketch's own celebration of English wines, we are delighted to offer signed copies of Oz Clarke's Engish Wine: From Still to Sparkling: The NEWEST New World Wine Country.

Oz Clarke's irrepressible style artfully conceals a wealth of scholarship, and the book not only recounts the surprisingly long history of winemaking in England and explains all the technical challenges of making wine here in the UK, but also guides the reader around the many locations where wine is now produced and introduces us to the key personalities who have driven England's wine renaissance.


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